vik's lair

my humble place, my sweet home.

who am i?

hello! the name's Francesca, nice to meet you!

i am a former Graphics Design and IT student, i often draw, casually code and sleep a lot.
i am proficient in art programs such as: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Krita.
i'm able to create fancy web pages (such as this one!!), with a little js to enhance them.
in the past i've coded in C, C++, C# and its Unity variant, Python, Java, JS and some Lua.

anyway, on to my hobbies: i do game a lot; i like to explore music in various genres;
i like to draw (mostly characters) with my graphic tablet, sometimes i go traditional;
i do watch animes, tv series, (not a lot but) movies too; also mangas and a few books.
i get easily interested in documentaries about old tech and obscure secrets, internet
personalities, chemistry, psychology, criminal cases and i had a thing for creepypastas.

i am a Monster addict!! my personal ranking (in order): Nitro, Mango Loco and Rehab (lemon).

thanks for passing by!

past projects (coming soon)

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